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Supporting children to unleash the superhero within


Chakra Kids’ mission is to empower children across the world to manage and express their emotions in a healthy way and build their confidence, self belief and positivity using fun and engaging holistic methods so they can learn how to step into their truth and shine like the stars they are.

I am so passionate about supporting as many children as I can so please browse the freebies below and let’s get you and your child started on the journey to realising their true potentia

FREE GUIDEFrom tantrums and anxiety to calm and contentment – 7 ways to help your child find their magic rainbow within

  • Is your child struggling with anxiety?
  • Are they unwilling to try anything?
  • Is their behaviour out of character and causing stress to the whole family?
With a scientific background in pharmacy and my experience in holistic therapies and as a teacher, I have realised that every behaviour is linked to our feelings and the associated energy of those feelings.
Children have so much to give and yet we are seeing more and more of them suffering with mental health issues and I believe this is in part because they are not taught to recognise, understand and work through their emotions and so they can end up supressing the negative ones.
As parents it is difficult to know where to start so I have created a FREE GUIDE which provides you with some quick and easy activities you can implement to support you and your child 
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This is the first of a series of 7 workshops and will provide you with techniques to help you support your child manage and express their emotions and build their confidence, self belief and positivity, without

  • the upset on your and their part when they can’t tell you what’s wrong,
  • the feeling of helplessness and lack of control when you know that the behaviours they exhibit are totally out of character,
  • the concern that you have let your child down and wonder what other people will think, let alone what the future holds for your child if you can’t get to the bottom of what’s going on.

This workshops will help you change the way you approach the emotional baggage your child may be carrying , particularly as a result of the last 2 years and take you right back to the root of the issue, the energy of the emotions, giving you and your child a toolbox of fun activities you can use not just now but in the weeks months and years ahead.

It’s time to reduce your own frustration, anxieties, worry and guilt, bring back the happy, calm and confident child and unleash the superhero you and I know they are, 

Imagine having the whole evening to yourself, imagine not feeling so exhausted because your child is sleeping better

Imagine what it would if everyone calmly got out of the house before school without the daily tantrum

Imagine your child having the self belief and strength to tackle stressful situations where they would usually feel anxious, unsafe and insecure, with a calm confidence and a smile on their face

This is what this workshop on the root chakra is all about.

If you are ready to stop stressing, to create the happy, healthy family you have always dreamed of click the link below and let’s get you back on track

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BIXBITE LEARNS TO BELONG (Formerly Bixbite the Root chakra monster)

This story is the firt of 7 stories I have written about mental health monsters. This story is all about the first/red energy centre which is linked to the feelings of safety and security.
It will help children feel more in control and give them a toolbox of tips and tricks, based on the unique properties of the red energy centre, that will help them to correct the imbalances, manage their feelings whatever adversities they face and in so doing help them start to believe in themselves, their unique superpowers and their special place in the world.
Bixbite wakes up feeling off colour (white instead of his normal red colour – the colour linked to the root chakra) because he is scared about starting a new class at school but as he learns various activities throughout the story, he notices that he gradually starts turning red again and as he does so he feels as if he could do anything and how amazing that feels.
Click below to access the first part of this story
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As an Holistic Therapist and qualified Pharmacist with experience teaching and working in special needs schools and as a parent of a dyslexic child, I understand how frustrating it can be both as a parent and from the child’s point of view when they are struggling and can’t explain what is wrong.

Children find it difficult to express emotions and if they are not taught to recognise, understand and work through them, they can end up suppressing the negative ones, which over time can lead to physical and mental ill health.

Children have so much to give and yet we are seeing more and more children, especially in recent times, suffering with mental health issues which then impacts the whole family.

Chakra Kids works with the chakras/energy centres (as it says on the tin) but incorporates art, colour, music and so much more to boost the positive energy flowing through the body and in turn help your child to step into thier truth and tackle whatever life throwas at them with a calm confidence and a smile on their face.

Most importantly though it is OODLES OF FUN

Combined with traditional medicine, if necessary, this method is extremeley powerful, working on the mind and body to provide a truly holistic approach to the health and well-being of the whole family.

For more information on how Chara Kids can support you and your child please book a complimentary zoom call here